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Mental Health Resources

Over the last several years, California has recognized the mental health needs and social-emotional needs of our youth through Assembly Bill 2246.  Our adults who work in our middle schools have been trained to recognize risk factors, warning signs, and what to do when they are concerned about a child’s social-emotional and mental well-being.  Beginning Fall 2019, you will also see outreach to our middle school children to seek help if they are experiencing challenges such as hotlines listed on middle school identification cards, parent and community resources available on the District website, and resources included in materials from the District.

We all experience different levels of mental health as we go through life, and mental health problems can be very common. In fact, 50% of us will experience a mental health challenge in our lifetime.  Youth ages 10-14 are showing increasing signs of anxiety, suicide ideation, depression, stress, crisis, family instability, isolation, interpersonal conflict, loss, and emotional distress. The good news is that people recover from mental illness all the time.  With support, individuals report reduced symptoms and improved quality of life.  We are here to help.

Teachers, school administrators, school counselors, and school psychologists are available if your child needs help or you would like additional information regarding resources.  Additionally, school staff and parents may request referrals for Outreach Counseling available at Title I schools.

Parent Workshops

Self-Care & Mindfulness
November 18, 2021
Self-Care & Mindfulness Parent Presentation

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