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Dwyer Middle School Students Build and Learn to Strum Ukuleles
Posted 11/10/22

Click play to watch the latest installment of our Tiny Mic Series!

Through a grant-funded program, Dwyer Middle School students had the unique opportunity to build and learn to play their very own ukulele. 

The Just Keep Strumming Ukulele Project, spearheaded by Dwyer Middle School music teacher Ms. Shaianne Homann, combined learning in various areas, including:

  • Art - planning and painting
  • Technical skills - designing and building
  • Math - measuring
  • Science - understanding how the physics of sound works
  • Music and performing arts - learning to play the ukulele and perform

“This program allows students to apply their knowledge from multiple core classes and apply it to a creative project,” said Shaianne. “Music is a crucial part of students' personal development - it helps students grow their communication skills, motor skills, creativity, and more!”

In the span of eight weeks, students designed and built their own ukuleles and then learned how to play various songs on them. Their efforts culminated in a live performance for family and friends. Job well done, Dwyer students! 

At Huntington Beach City School District, we appreciate the importance of arts education for all students. Arts education is necessary for our students to develop into well-rounded, lifelong learners who contribute to the prosperity and quality of life for local and global communities. Education in the arts develops engaged, creative, expressive, responsive, and artistically literate citizens.