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COVID-19 Dashboard

In an effort to continue to provide purposeful and accurate information related to COVID-19 in our schools, the following chart represents the number of confirmed positive COVID-19 cases, reported within the last 10 days, among District students and staff on our campuses (in-person instruction only) and at District facilities. 

Data is updated on a weekly basis, every Monday. Please note, the Dashboard is not updated on weekends, non-school days, or holidays.  

The school nurse, principal, or District staff will notify any staff or students who are considered to be close contacts with a COVID-19 positive person.

Due to the high number of reported cases over the last few weeks, we are experiencing delays in confirming reports to the dashboard, as each reported case goes through many channels before it is confirmed.  We are in the process of making improvements to our tracking systems to improve reporting time to the dashboard, which will be reflected on the Monday, January 31 update.

*Total number of students and staff - This number may fluctuate but will be updated periodically.

**Current confirmed cases - Information updated on a weekly basis, every Monday reported within the last 10 days.

^Indicates one positive case that serves multiple school sites.

District Offices include District Office, Transportation & Operations.