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Before & After School Care

In addition to the basic core curriculum offered all students, a full range of before- and after-school activities and sports programs provide a framework for children to develop their recreational skills and ideas. Programs may be sponsored by the PTA, PTO or PTSA, the YMCA, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Huntington Valley, or in conjunction with the city Community Services Department. Many students also attend after-school music, art, math, science, and chess programs. Some activities are structured and provide guidance; others are unstructured, to allow for individual discovery.

  • Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts meet on several elementary campuses and are supervised by scout leaders and assistants. Instruction in band and strings is also available at elementary sites.
  • At middle school, students are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities offered before, during, and after school. Beach cleanup is a community service activity sponsored by middle school clubs. Homework clubs meet regularly, along with tutoring services provided by many teachers. Huntington Beach High School and the Huntington Beach Library also offer weekly homework help to students. Schools also provide extended learning intervention / support programs to increase student achievement. After-school sports programs are offered throughout the year. Surfing and bodyboarding clubs sponsored by the California Inter-scholastic Surfing Federation are offered at both middle schools and give students another opportunity to participate in team competitions.
  • Playing fields at all schools are used extensively by the schools and recreational groups for football, volleyball, soccer, track, basketball, softball, and baseball.

To find out what’s available at your campus, call your school office.