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Student Services

The Student Services Department offers a wide variety of information and support to students, staff, and families in order to promote student academic achievement and well-being.  The Department is responsible for the operative coordination, delivery, evaluation, and refinement of student services throughout the District.  Student Services Department programs and services include:

  • Student Behavior 
  • Child Welfare and Attendance
  • Student Attendance Review Board (SARB)
  • Social-Emotional Supports
  • Health Services
  • Student Transfers
  • Student Records
  • McKinney-Vento Homeless Education and Foster Youth
  • Section 504 Services
  • Special Education     

Contact Us

Megan Kempner
Executive Director, Student Services
(714) 964-8888 ext. 2045

Cheryl Nord
Director, Student Services & Mental Health
(714) 964-8888 ext. 2074

Becky Houston
Program Specialist 
(714) 964-8888 ext. 2047

Program Specialist

Linda Stame
Administrative Secretary
(714) 964-8888 ext. 2046

Patty Ketcham
Student Services Department Assistant
(714) 964-8888 ext. 2057

Jennifer Ross
Student Services Department Assistant 
(714) 964-8888 ext. 2049

Carol Deemer
Student Services Department Assistant 
(714) 964-8888 ext. 2035