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Student Discipline

The Board of Trustees believes all students have the right to education in a positive, safe learning environment, free from disruptions. To that end, students, parents, and all school personnel must understand their own responsibilities and be committed to maintaining high behavioral standards and safe campuses.

Students are expected to be diligent in their studies, maintain appropriate standards of dress, respect school property, and be courteous toward teachers and others. They are further expected to be punctual and regular in attendance and to refrain from vulgar or abusive language.

Parents must understand how critical their positive attitude is to their child’s success. They are encouraged to become aware of the requirements of their school’s Discipline Plan and to regularly talk with their children about the rules governing acceptable behavior. Parents should stay in touch with classroom teachers, mutually resolve differences, and support school policies governing student behavior.

School administrators and teachers are accountable to the Board of Trustees for establishing and enforcing rules that govern student conduct and discipline. They must communicate these rules to students and parents at the start of each new school year or at the time of registration for new students. They must fairly and thoroughly investigate all incidents that jeopardize safety and/or violate rules of good conduct.

Zero Tolerance: Students are forbidden to bring firearms or “look-alikes” to the school bus stop, on the school bus or campus, or to any school activity. Violation of this state law will result in expulsion from school for a period of time up to one full school year. Expulsion means that a student may not attend any school in the district for the prescribed period. A clear description of this zero-tolerance policy is posted in every classroom in the district.

Dress Code: The Board believes that appropriate dress and grooming promote a positive environment for learning. It endorses individual school dress codes that site committees develop. Such codes are annually communicated to students and parents. Students violating the dress code will be referred to the principal.

School Attendance Review Board (SARB): The Board of Trustees believes regular attendance plays a key role in student achievement. Parents must understand that excessive absence from school can seriously affect a student’s grades. To resolve habitual attendance or behavior problems, the Superintendent or designee will inform parents of referred students about help available through the School Attendance Review Board.